Do You Have A Question About Your Life?

It's Not Just Entertainment, It's An Experience

Party & Event Entertainment for Receptions, cocktail hours & parties

Oracle Acts is a tailor-made multi-sensorial experience designed to answer your guest's deepest questions in style.

Perfect for parties and happenings- from intimate gatherings to corporate blowouts- the Oracles can come in many forms to heighten your event.

Oracle Acts was a big hit at our launch party! Because the act is so unique, everyone was intrigued by the performers and wanted to have their fortunes told. People loved interacting with them, including our CEO and board members. The whole act was also customized to our company and space. The performers’ costumes mimicked the colors of our logo and the thoughtful and well-crafted answers they gave people were written down on souvenir papers with our logo on the back. In addition, Jessica and team were extremely professional and easy to work with. I didn’t have to worry about anything!


Digital Secretaries.JPG

Digital Secretaries: Oracles from the 1960s

The Elsies.JPG

The Elsies: Oracles from the 1920s


Starbellas: Oracles from the Future

We hired the Oracles for a 600-person corporate event, and they were amazing! It’s hard to make an impact when there’s so many activations and such a big group, but the Oracles made their mark and were a huge hit! Their costumes were beautiful and their answers struck the perfect balance between lighthearted and sincere. Jessica was professional from start to finish, and I can’t recommend the Oracles enough. It was a true pleasure having them at our party.
— Sarah, Corporate event planner


Guests ask the Oracles a question and we answer through specialized movement and written response. The guests are immediately imprinted by the dance and keep the written response as a keepsake of their experience.

Digital Secretaries was the perfect dessert for my party! A beautiful combination of delicious art and wit with just a dash of sexy. My guests loved the Digital Secretaries’ recipe of fun. A million compliments on serving guests with a delightful surprise, a performance tailored for each person. Far from the standard party fare for entertainment.
— Anna Bounds


Before the Internet, Oracles were where you went to get answers.  They were mediums to the deities.  Bridges to the Gods.  In Ancient Greece, Oracles were female portals to wisdom.   

Fast forward to the 21st Century and Oracles entertain the room and turn your event into an experience.  

Less foreboding than a palm reader, more fun than a stilt walker, and more meaningful than a photo booth, Oracle Acts is both delightful and poignant- bringing you the glitter and the gold.

Starbellas, the futuristic oracles you’ve always wanted: divined, summoned, interpretive danced their way into the psyches of the inquisitive minds, bringing both humor and insight to otherwise strangers. I’d want them at any dinner party or town hall I ever attend again.